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Africa is one of the dream destinations in every sense – a true home to exceptional scenic beauty and unforgettable wild animals. We travel the breadth and length of every destination we suggest to be certain that our recommendation is based on personal experience and every vendor in your tour is tried-and-tested.

Let you know that Africa is more than our passion. In fact, it’s our home.

Nowadays, the internet has changed the travel industry a lot. More and more people find themselves booking their flights online, booking hotel rooms, and arranging car rentals over the internet. However, booking the best African safari is not as easy as you think – and it is our suggestion that you should book through Moving Sand Africa Tour. We, Moving Sand, provide memorable Africa safari travel to our clients without charging a lot. Here are some reasons to use our services:

  • Save yourself time

It is fun to surf the internet, plan your Safari African trip, see what’s on offer. But doing on your own would take up time. Do you really know how many nations are in Africa? How many Safari Africa lodges and camps? Too many – so leave it to the professionals.

  • Less confusing

When you have surfed the internet, spoken with family and friends, and browsed the luxury safaris brochures at the retail travel agent – you would be more perplexed about where to stay or where to go. It doesn’t end here. The logistics alone would challenge your patience and geographic knowledge – pickups, drop-offs, times, dates, transfer, flights. It is quite simpler to get somebody to figure it out for you.

  • Save money

The majority of people think mistakenly that when they book through a tour operator, then they have to pay way more. But this is just a myth. You might be capable of getting cheaper deals by booking on your own. But this is not the case. In case you are looking at a weekend in Mauritius, it is easy to get online, as well as book direct. However, if you are planning a Safari to Africa – no way. But you would save money by going through an expert African Safari travel service provider.

  • Expert suggestion

We all can use advice from time to time. In case you are consulting a reputed African safari expert, their knowledge and expertise of the logistics, lodges, and camps, best places for small groups, honeymooners or families, the best time of year – is certainly worth the effort.

So, when it comes to Africa safari travel, hire Moving Sand. We won’t show you the globe; we would help you in exploring exotic Africa better than anybody else.

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