Mountain Climbing Africa Safaris

Mountain Climbing Africa Safaris Trip Ideas

Mountain Climbing Africa Safaris

Africa has always some exhilarating climbing and hiking adventures to give; Kilimanjaro, the tallest mount in Africa; the Ruwenzori Mountains and Mount Kenya. All these usually have their very own challenges and climbing any one of them successfully is certainly an achievement to be proud of. Some are not tough to climb though. But it is important that one be in good physical condition.

Mountaineering is certainly one of the fast-developing events among the young, as well as old alike and the most commonly undertaken are Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Moving Sand Africa Tour can organize multiple trips of varied duration to Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya and to any mounts of client’s choice.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled guides and porters would a company you and carry your baggage and you would only have to bring cameras, water, and of course, your personal items. The Mountain Climbing Africa Safaris generally starts with an overnight stay simply at a base lodge. You and your team members depart after having a hearty breakfast. This is exactly where the legwork starts with a climb via the lower rain forests. You would find that the land changes as you start the assault. More and more people interestingly visit the Ruwenzori Mountains and Mount Kenya to discover and view the enthralling vegetation than to hike the glaciers and peaks.

When you come closer to the peaks, then breathing becomes tougher because the air is quite thin and the cold makes your life miserable. When the rising rays of the sun touch the earth, Africa is exposed in magnificence at your feet. And this offers you the energy, motivation for pushing on through the final and last stages right before you reach the uppermost peak.

KENYA, the highest mountain in Kenya. SBT 53

No rock-hiking experience is needed for reaching this particular mountaintop. It’s a seven-day climb. The backdrop is amazing and it is said that the sight straight from Pt. Lenana surrounds the widespread horizon around the globe.


Commonly known as the ‘whisky route’. Well, this is an extensive hike; however, is possibly one of the most amazing routes on the mountain.


Better known as the ‘beer route’, this is certainly the most common Kilimanjaro climb.

All hikers need to be healthy and fit at the same time. Needless to mention, rising these two important African mountains is a chance of a lifetime and our professional staff would be glad to help, as well as guide you on this expedition.

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