The Moving Sand located near Olduvai Gorge ( famous historical site which tell the origination and generations of human being millions of years ago) lies the spectacular, yet mysterious, ash dunes of Shifting Sands.Formed from volcanic ash, these crescent-shaped dunes are a rare phenomenon, and are technically referred to as barkan. These sand dunes are formed when there’s ample dust on the ground and a unidirectional wind to create the moving effect. The volcanic ash (or dust) collects around a rock, and continually gathers until it forms what appears to be a small sand dune. This process is continuous, and as it progresses the unidirectional wind causes the dune to move from one place to another.In the case of these Shifting Sands, they tend to move around 10 meters a year.The local Maasai tribe believe that the sand dunes originated from Ol Doinyo Lengai which is believe by the local Maasai to be (Mountain of God), the holiest place in their culture. You can see Ol Doinyo Lengai from Olduvai on an unclouded day. It's very interesting sand dune moving together.In also to not being like other sand dunes in appearance, as the dunes are made up of fine black sand, also this sand is extremely magnetic due to its high levels of iron content .If you grab a handful of sand and toss it up to the air, rather than blowing away, the substance will clump together and fall back on to the dune which did very interesting.
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