Zanzibar Beach Holiday

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Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Off the shore of Tanzania, the African islet of  Zanzibar Beach Holiday is not a sandy, sunny heaven geared towards honeymoon couples – it is, in fact, an island of dark history and bright beauty.

Yes, the breezes are warm, the seashores are stunning, and the beer is cold. There is more to see, enjoy, do, and explore on this small islet in the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar Holiday

The name is likely to invoke pictures of white-sailed ships on a turquoise sea, palm-fringed shores, and spice markets – and luckily the reality doesn’t dishearten. Lying a short distance off the coast of Tanzania but at the crossroads of Asia, Middle East, and Africa, Zanzibar has been at the center of the Indian Ocean. A Zanzibar Beach Holiday is certainly a sensual experience par brilliance.

Taste local cuisines, go on spice tours and walk the streets of the Stone Town, a World Heritage Site busy with local flavors and colorful back-street marketplace. And then there are, of course, the Zanzibar beaches; ideal for anybody who wants to cherish a lazily luxurious beach holiday. Let you know that Zanzibar and its remote islands are house to some of the best shores in East Africa and a number of its finest dive sites.

One of the globe’s most romantic honeymoon places, Zanzibar has accommodation which starts from elegant spa resorts to exclusive boutique hotels and luxury beachfront cottages; on the other hand, parents would be happy by Zanzibar’s safe-swimming beaches and family-friendly hotels.

Accessible from the travel center Dar es Salaam and merging with Tanzania safari destinations like Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti, Zanzibar can also be a part of beach and safari trip or a stand-alone-vacation.

What you Should Expect on a Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Sand, sea, and Sun: a Zanzibar Beach Holiday provides these in abundance. Zanzibar gives some world-class diving and some outstanding snorkeling experience. But if you are not at all a water enthusiast, the opportunity to view the shoreline from the traditional dhow is surely not to be missed.

Taken as a whole, Zanzibar Beach Holiday is the ideal Indian Ocean holiday and beach retreat for those people who love windsurfing, scuba, snorkeling, and relaxing on the silver sand.

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